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If interested in having your work read, assessed and/or edited, then please contact me to discuss your needs.

Once all details are agreed, I will provide a written "contract" outlining the work to be undertaken and the cost, etc.

I also require from the client:
    . A hard copy of the work to be assessed
    . A digital copy of the work (either floppy, or on disc).
    . 50% deposit of the full negotiated fee for the work to be undertaken (method of payment: either paypal, cheque or money order).
So that the client can easily identify "issues", Astrid will mark the manuscript in pencil and coloured highlighters: the notes on the manuscript should be read in conjunction with the assessment report supplied in hard copy to the client.

The manuscript and disc will be returned to the client upon completion of the assessment.

My report is provided in hard copy only.

I do not accept emailed submissions.

If you do not wish to send me a hard copy of your work, then supply a disc and I will print from the digital copy. I charge an additional $30 to print out the manuscript (this also covers the cost of posting a hard copy of the manuscript to you - Australian residents only).

What do I charge?

Depending on the needs of the client, but a rough guideline will be $2 per page.

However, it is not always necessary for a writer (especially a new writer) to supply an entire manuscript for assessment. Generally the first 3 chapters of any work will reveal "issues" that need attention (such as layout, plot, characterisation, etc.) Astrid will give you value for money, but she ain't cheap.

However, some clients come to me after having paid substantial sums (often thousands of dollars!) to have their work professionally edited, only to find that the work wasn't up to an acceptable standard. Before you engage the services of ANY editor, check them out. Affiliations with organisations do not necessarily mean professional expertise. Your local writers' centre may be able to assist you.

Astrid can supply references and testimonials.

Here is one:

"Writers need feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement if they are to persevere. I found all this and more when I enlisted the help of Astrid. She has a vast knowledge of current writing trends. She shares her creative skills by gently suggesting alterations that in her opinion would improve the work. She may not say what the writer wants to hear, but will tell them what they need to hear. Criticism, when necessary, is offered tactfully. Work when returned to the author has corrections carefully marked on the manuscript, together with a very detailed written assessment. The help I received for a reasonable fee is, in my view, very good value, considering the amount of time and effort that was involved."
--Audrey K, South Australia.

If you would like to go to other assessment agencies, one I can recommend is Sally Odgers' Affordable Manuscript Assessments


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