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Starlight Seduction
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Samantha has survived the Madness but there is part of her that John cannot reach. She denies him convergence, the deepest level of felinus passion. What is she hiding from him? What secret is so terrible that she cannot share with him-her soul-mate?

Departing the felinus planet, returning to his earth home with Sam, he hopes that the sea and the songs of his friends, the dolphins, will soothe her, prepare her for his final act of love.

He is John and he is Kuno-he is both man and cat and also sensualator, able to invoke the deepest pleasure. And he will use every trick known to cat and man, defy everything and everyone, to reclaim Samantha and heal her soul.

What he proposes-Starlight Seduction-is Forbidden! The erotic level too deep, too hot to control. Yet, it is the only way to convince Samantha that nothing ever comes between a cat and his mate.

While Sam realises what John is planning, she knows that the secret within her may destroy him and she must resist, or see her man turn from her in fear. Seduction is just another name for betrayal. Yet, in the music of the dolphins and in the power of dreams and love, Sam hears a different song and seducer becomes seduced. Such is the power and passion of Starlight.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Excerpt:
"We are one. Finally, the ceremony is complete."

Sam heard the utter fatigue beneath his words, and saw, as if for the first time, the shadows beneath his eyes, the torment in his spirit.

He smiled and kissed her. Taking her in his arms, he lay beside her.

She pushed back a strand of his gold-blonde hair from his face. "You haven't slept much since we got home. Rest, now."

His right eye opened a fraction, and he smiled. "If you sleep on me."

"Okay, but you promise to sleep?"


Within moments of lying over him, John's body relaxed and his breathing deepened, slowed.

While he slept, she touched his mouth, stroking her fingers up his cheek. She smoothed his hair around his shoulders, marveling at its beauty: felinus-golden, red and black-streaked, with the texture of silk, the colors like a rainbow of fire. So different from Hari, and so alike.

The memories returned, haunting, painful, as sharp as the starlord's talons, and just as poisonous.

And within John's relaxed mind, a tendril of thought escaped, drifting out to her.

My kitten has been with Harimal. A full-blooded felinus. What woman could be satisfied with a hybrid? Is that why she rejects me?

Sam reeled mentally and physically. Is that what John feared? That he could no longer satisfy her? That he could not compete with Harimal?

Kuno, if only you knew.if only.

There was only one way she could convince him of the depth of her love, through convergence. And she could not-dare not-risk that.

Standing, she forced herself to walk away, when inside all she wanted was to stay. John had been wrong. Within the crystal cave, pain and disease lurked.the horror of what she was. No power in the universe could absolve her.

Her gaze lingered upon him, seeing him at peace, his long lean body open, vulnerable, the gem twinkling at his navel. The sight of him, his beauty, her love for him tore her apart.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Reviews:
"The talented and creative Astrid Cooper concludes our Starlight journey. This is an impressive series that I greatly enjoyed."

Literary Nymphs Reviews, rating: 4 nymphs.


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