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Starlight Rapture
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Following the prequel, Starlight Ecstasy, book 1 in the Starlight series continues the story of John and Samantha...

John plans a new strategy in his loving of Samantha: to touch her with all the love a felinus can offer, but in slow measures. One thousand and one nights - it might be enough time for the first two levels. They have shared ecstasy, now it is rapture, the prelude to convergence. But no one realises that for John and Sam and the other shifters, time is running out. A renegade starlord wants Sam for his own pleasure, no matter the cost, no matter who has to die.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Excerpt:
Music erupted in the holo-room: the felinus love song. It coiled into their every cell and Sam shivered. Harimal sang again. John joined his brother, their voices both complementary and contradictory: refined and raw.

Lying face first against John, Sam felt his voice throbbing through her. The song rose to its peak and then slowly fell away.

At her back, Sam felt a change: Harimal was no longer there, but a heavy weight of four paws at the base of her spine.

She heard a cat purring and felt the claws penetrating her skin. A tongue, like a rasp moved up her spine, lick, then an exhalation of hot felinus breath.

John's scent coiled into her, joining with Harimal's. She gifted her own body's perfume to the two brothers. Sam glanced over her shoulder and saw a huge black cat with the glowing emerald eyes. It bowed its head.

"Sammi," John whispered.

She bent forward and kissed John even as she felt Harimal's weight return--he was now the man.

Again, Harimal exhaled over them both, his hot breath laden with felinus scent, thick, heavy with pheromones.

Harimal pulled away from them. My gift to you both.

Sam felt his smile burning within her.

"Sammi.ah!" John whispered.

The blood pumping in her ears matched the tempo of John's thrusts as he loved her again, on and on wave upon wave of pleasure.

Starlight ecstasy was achieved, they entered a new, deeper level. Convergence was far behind.

Comets streamed past her as he loved her, as he found those zones that no human could touch, but this time with such intensity that just for a moment, her spirit hovered outside her flesh body.

Sam watched the joining of Samantha and Kuno, their hair flying around them, the holo-room cascading with colors.

"John-Kuno," her spirit-self whispered.

His golden soul lifted to her and they danced, two glowing, golden beings linked, as their flesh-selves danced and loved.

Yes! John whispered and the holo-world echoed with that one word, a universe of meanings that Sam could barely discern.

She plunged back into her body as John returned to his. Again, linked in flesh and mind, they now shared a deeper union-the soul.

Starlight Rapture.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Reviews:
"I found this impressive story fascinating."

Literary Nymphs Reviews, rating: 4 nymphs.
Voted #1 "highest rated in erotica" at fictionwise.com, August, 2008.

This is a story of passion and love covering a vast span of space. To the shape-shifting Felinus, lust and desire goes hand in hand, but does not always enter the equation. This is the tale of how John/Kuno, man and cat, meets his match in a human woman.

Astrid Cooper has spun a web of raw passion, betrayal and danger around her characters against the exotic background of space and galaxies. Erotic and exciting, this beautifully written series will appeal to readers everywhere. I know I am "hooked" and I want to read Hari's story - more please!!! "N.T.B."

reader comment

An impressive read. Quality literature, recommended for anyone who enjoys the genre(s)

".a very erotic romance with the focus on the pleasure points located on the body. I found this impressive story fascinating. I look forward to the next addition of this series.."

4 Nymphs, Liteary Nymphs

You've moved the story on marvellously Astrid! The next step along the road of John and Sam's romance was very sensual and entertaining. Wish there was a 'Rendezvous' club near me! A chance to Holodance with Hari would be wonderful - he doesn't need those 2 draconis guards you've sent him home with! *wink* I'm definitely looking forward to the next instalment, and I hope Feransyn (whom I'm guessing is the captured Dream Weaver?) survives as I'd love to learn more about her 'specialties' in a future story... Keep up the good work!

5, Julie

Yet another fantastic Astrid Cooper story. I love this series and look forward to the next story.

5, June J.


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