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Starlight Passion
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Sexy shifters, ménage and villains aplenty in this latest thrilling installment of the Starlight series.

Starlight Passion: It burns, it stings and it consumes all those who dare enter the next Starlight level. Samantha, a human woman and John, a cat-shifter will prove to all that love is the greatest power in the galaxy.

A surprise on every page and a guaranteed heat level to burn you to a crisp! Dare you turn the first page?

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Excerpt:
"My name is Sharille Lucas. I am fe'ha tu. You are Kuno and you are my faeth-tul-san. I exist for you, only for you, now, forever."

The words passed between them. Husband. Wife. Forever. Soulmates.

The star-fire ignited in their veins and spread to engulf them. They moved together, minds and bodies as one.

Sam lifted her cheek from John's shoulder. About them, the swirling star-fire was a myriad of shimmering colors.

John's hair lifted, tendrils tickling her face. His hair was alight with color: golden blonde, streaked with red and black. In the time she had known him, and especially since arriving on Chizan, his hair had grown, altered hue. She fisted a length and took strands into her mouth, tasting.

He groaned. "Yes, dearest. Yes!" She sucked harder and he bore into her, long low strokes aimed beyond possession. To devastate.

Sam cried her release. Lightning swept through her veins. She heard a sound like shattering glass and John's climax burned into her.

For a moment Sam opened her eyes and saw that beneath them light emanated from the ground, rushing up to envelop them.

This was the soul of Chizan and it greeted them.

The planet-light coalesced, forming droplets of liquid crystal around them.

John's seed spilled into her, she felt his heat, his gift, and opened her body to receive it. And with it came the gift of belonging to each other and to the world. It rushed through them, crystal light and body essence.

A part of her in him and a part of him in her forever, and tied to the world a part of its soul in them. This was mutatis. Welcomed, belonging. Home.

They flew beyond the levels of starlight ecstasy, and rapture, this was mutatis, a new convergence.

Never parted. Never alone. They shared the thought as they surrendered to the deepest release. Around them the sound of shattered glass. Sam saw more crystal droplets, alive, pulsing with light, and sound and color. She buried her face into his neck and sucked hard, drawing skin and blood into her mouth.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Reviews:
"This is a page turner from start to finish and the twists and turns will have you racing to get to the end of the story."

Romance Junkies Reviews, RJ Blue Ribbon rating: 5.


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