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Starlight Ecstasy
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"Claw me, bite me, love me. Under every known star I'm going to love you." This is Starlight Ecstasy, the sex-fever of the felinus shifters that burns brighter than a supernova in the Starlight series by award-winning, best-selling author, Astrid Cooper.

Humans have spread out across the galaxy, playing and loving among the stars, their sexual appetites and willingness to experiment have made them a sought-after species; they have taken their place among the elite of the sensualators-men and women who devote their lives and bodies to gifting pleasure.and the felinus and their promise of "starlight ecstasy" are the envy of every sentient being in the universe.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Excerpt:
"You've drawn my blood, Sam, do you know what that means to a felinus?"

She shook her head.

"It means, sweetheart, that you've marked me as your own. Forever."

Sam reached up and brushed back the hair flying around his face. "Forever is such a short time, let's not waste a moment."

"My sentiments exactly. I always knew there was a tiger lurking within you, the passion curbed by pain and memories. Now, there's no more pain.well, not much.and I want you to be the tigress-claw me, bite me, love me, Sam."

"Like this?" She ran her nail down his spine.

"Ah, yes!"

Sam teased her nails over his flesh and he writhed against her. In the null-grav his movements made them turn over and over, spinning out of control, as passions span out of control, as he loved her, as she loved him, insatiable, inexhaustible and inventive.

"This is only the beginning, Sam," John whispered.

"Naturally. I didn't come more than a billion kilometers just for a one night stand."

He laughed and looked down at her, holding her face between his hands. "You can come for another billion kilometers. My promise to you!"

"You promise?"

"Yep. Under every known star, I'm going to love you Sam; starlight ecstasy-that's what the shifters call it."

"I think I'll settle for a Christmas ecstasy. For starters."

"Definitely for starters," John said. "And after that.the whole menu."


"Again!" He locked his legs around the back of her thighs and pressed into her.

Sam opened her eyes and gazed down at him. Then his body angled and probed and she squeezed her eyelids closed. Christmas Night had been and gone, but there would be many more nights to come . she smiled at the play of words, of the future stretching ahead, of a life lived no longer alone . to explore a universe that she barely glimpsed until this moment; of a life barely lived until this moment.

She bit him hard and he groaned and laughed.

"You're mine," she said. "No she-cat had better look at you, either, or I'll scratch out her eyes."

John turned them both and they hovered close to the ceiling. "Bite me again, hell-cat. Bite me; love me, Sam! And then after that, you'll know what ecstasy means."

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Reviews:
".entices the reader with a peek into the world of cat shifters and erotic pleasures. I found the introduction characters to be delightfully sensuous."

Literary Nymphs Reviews, rating: 4 nymphs.
* nominated/finalist best short story (s.f. category): - 2007 Preditors and Editors Readers' poll.

This is a story of passion and love covering a vast span of space. To the shape-shifting Felinus, lust and desire goes hand in hand, but does not always enter the equation. This is the tale of how John/Kuno, man and cat, meets his match in a human woman.

Astrid Cooper has spun a web of raw passion, betrayal and danger around her characters against the exotic background of space and galaxies. Erotic and exciting, this beautifully written series will appeal to readers everywhere. I know I am "hooked" and I want to read Hari's story - more please!!! "N.T.B."

reader comment

An impressive read. Quality literature, recommended for anyone who enjoys the genre(s)

"I found the introduction characters to be delightfully sensuous and I can't wait to read the next episode."

4 Nymphs, Liteary Nymphs

If you are looking for a spicy read to keep you warm this winter, Astrid's STARLIGHT ECSTASY will hit the spot! John is a strong character and Sam's initial awkwardness with the situation is touching. Wish I had friends like hers who could arrange for a 'reintroduction' to love like that! A great prelude to the series; leaves you wanting more. The teaser for STARLIGHT RAPTURE will have you watching the calendar for its release! I'd thoroughly recommend this story!

5, Reader Comment

Samantha Sinclair is nervous about this Christmas Night. Her friends have prepared a very special gift for her. a night with a sensualator named John. Sensualators are very extraordinary beings, as they specialize in providing pleasure through the use of their bodies. John has a surprise in store for Samantha, however, as this Christmas Night will definitely be a night to remember for her..

Astrid Cooper writes one hot little story with STARLIGHT ECSTASY! I would have liked a little more introduction to the characters, but the attraction between John and Samantha definitely sizzles.

I haven't read any of the Starlight series but this prequel certainly intrigues me. Astrid Cooper introduces the felinus species and sets the stage for what looks to be a very hot and daring series. I'm not sure I'm bold enough for what all occurs on the moon of Tau Ceti but it certainly sounds steamy!

STARLIGHT ECSTASY offers a short glimpse into the very adventuresome world created by Astrid Cooper. This story is definitely not for the sensitive reader as Ms. Cooper's world offers a very edgy and erotic thrill. Readers looking for a story that veers more on the exotic will appreciate this short but oh so scorching story.

3 1/2 - Anne @ CK2S Kwips and Kritiques


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