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Starlight Desire
* Nominated: "best paranormal romance fall, 2008" - Night Owl Romance.
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John and Samantha continue with their journey of self-discovery into the world of pleasure, unaware that for them-and others-time is running out.

And Harimal must return home-he has been called-and a felinus cannot deny this summons, especially if it is the king who calls. But damn it! Hari doesn't want to go home, the last time he did it was a set-up-to meet his future mate. He's not falling for that trap again: he's a felinus and free and that's how he plans to remain.

En route he has some time to play and he can forget his worries in the pleasures offered by his draconis guards. He's heard about the ferocity of dragon-women. When he makes up his mind that he wants to play-nothing, no-one stands in his way. Even dragons can be tamed by the purr of a cat.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Excerpt:
Samantha didn't have time to think, to ask, as he moved into her again this time with short strokes, pausing for one long thrust. He bore into her and she lifted her hips back to meet him. She danced, allowed him to enter her fully, or retreated to give him the merest fraction of her body. She turned her head to the side and his cheek rubbed against hers. Their tongues met and parried as their bodies met and parried. And the light-tattoos intensified, became webs linking them mind, body and spirit.

His finger probed. He rode her both ways, not the gentle considerate lover, but a man-a cat in deepest passion. Beyond thought, beyond control. Consumed by the moment, by the madness of desire.

On and on he loved her, moving fast, then slow, but all the while the extreme possession. He filled her with his love, his seed again and again.

He laced his fingers into hers and raised her arms above her head, his mouth against her neck, biting, lathing, as he thrust.

He turned her, raised her to her knees and entered her from behind, holding her breasts as he fucked her: he was feral and Sam closed her eyes. Fear lurked in her mind that she might not survive this, but sure as hell John would die if she didn't try.

Honey-cat. You hurt?

I'm OK.

I feel pain. Yours?

No. Do that again, it's so good.

His cock moved to the side, found that first pleasure point, then to the left, then the centre. Her body tingled with every probe. The starlight washed through her, into her, as his cock teased inside. Stars passed before her tightly closed lids. Her skin burned.

Honey-cat! Star-fire.

What's star-fire, Kuno?


She opened her eyes and saw her skin awash with pulsing blue light. It eddied around her, plunged into her skin as Kuno, behind her, plunged into her. More than ecstasy or rapture, he drove her to another level, their bodies joined, their minds joined, taking, taken, they had become one entity. And that entity had a name.


Starlight Desire.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Reviews:
Starlight Desire is one of the most erotic novellas I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Just the thought of a lover taking as much time with me as the love interests in the story do, makes me breathless. I really enjoy Ms. Cooper's work and would like to see more from her. She is very talented and I can't wait to see what she has in store for her characters next. Her writing is truly arousing, and very detailed. You can almost feel the whisper of fur against your skin.

Dawn Epton, Paranormal Romance

This is a story of passion and love covering a vast span of space. To the shape-shifting Felinus, lust and desire goes hand in hand, but does not always enter the equation. This is the tale of how John/Kuno, man and cat, meets his match in a human woman.

Astrid Cooper has spun a web of raw passion, betrayal and danger around her characters against the exotic background of space and galaxies. Erotic and exciting, this beautifully written series will appeal to readers everywhere. I know I am "hooked" and I want to read Hari's story - more please!!! "N.T.B."

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