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ISBN 978 1 55487 144 5
Available at Amazon.com
Available at Galaxy Bookshop

Or your favourite bookshop (it is on the Ingrams and Barnes and Noble databases, so in theory any bookshop world-wide can order you a copy). If you have any problems, please contact Astrid Cooper.

Here are the Australian bookshops who have (so far) agreed to include my book in their catalogue (or shelves):
  • Rosemary's Romance Book Store (Queensland)

  • Infinitas Bookshop (New South Wales)

  • Dee's Books (Queensland)
         Email: deesbooks04@yahoo.com.au

  • Galaxy Bookshop (New South Wales)

  • Gawler Books (South Australia)
          7 Main North Rd, Willaston SA 5118
         Tel: (08) 8522 5151

  • I am also negotating with other independent specialty shops. Details will be posted, or contact Astrid for a full list.

    Read chapter one of Starlight here

    Starlight - is sexy space opera.
    (Think: Casanova meets Star Trek!)

    Samantha Sinclair will never trust another man, but her friends decide to lure her out of her celibacy with a special Christmas gift-a night with a sensualator. John-Kuno is no ordinary man. He takes Sam away from her fears, her homogenized, synthesized existence and introduces her to the enigmatic, sensual world of the cat-shifters. With their starlight passion burning brighter than a supernova, John and Sam do not know that in the cold reaches of space a monster is biding his time. He demands nothing less than the universe as his due, starting with Sam, but first he must destroy John and the whole race of humans and their shifter allies.

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    The Reviews:
    ". an out of this world romance written with style and perception ."

    Reader Review

    My, my, talk about getting your knickers in a love knot! This book has it all . handsome part- felinus hero trained in the arts of seduction meets beautiful girl just made for love. He knows she is his soul mate and not just another flirtation, but she has a lot of reservations and fears. But the fire that flares through them at every touch can't be denied. And it isn't!!

    I thought this might be like so many paranormal romances I have read recently - a series of 'sex scenes' strung on a flimsy plot. No! Astrid, not only do you have a strong plot, but a cast of strong main characters supported by some delightful 'extras'. I can't wait for the story behind Harimal - he's really gorgeous. Then there's the shifter with the purple tentacles - this world has so many stories to tell and I want to read all of them! And I still have to mention your ability to change pace from torrid romance to chilling-when Samantha and Harimal are taken prisoner. Riveting! I loved so many scenes in this book, but one of my favourites was when Sam and John are joined in their dance by Harimal and suddenly she feels the brush of fur and the touch of paws on her back. Talk about erotic! WOW! The last chapter contains what for me was the most moving scene of all: the whale song. Then, there's the Circle . oh, I could go on!

    Starlight is an out of this world romance written with style and perception and I can't wait for the sequels! Hurry up, Astrid, your fans are hungry for more!

    Teddie - New South Wales, Australia


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