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Master of the Night
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The Excerpt:
She was here!

His nostrils flared. He caught her scent, musk-rose, tinged with woman-neither reluctance nor enthusiasm. A challenge, she presented: a woman to be seduced, coerced; a contest to be played, but no doubt as to the victor-no doubt at all!

Faucon drew in a slow breath, held it, struggling to restrain hunger. He was Master of the Night; master of his passion, of his desire! Master! His nails bit into his palms, the pain diverting his craving. For the moment.

Faucon lurched across the floor and paused. He leaned against the door frame, arms folded, watching in the shadows as she moved towards the window.

His eyes widened in surprise. He almost laughed at the irony, for hers was a pale beauty: silver blonde hair caught up in a chignon, skin like fine porcelain. She wore a cream linen suit, low heeled shoes and pearls at throat and lobe. This was her disguise-as much to deceive herself as the outside world: for Faucon knew the depth of her passion. She would be a goth at heart: he liked Goths-the historical and the modern: both were unpredictable, wild, uninhibited. He craved all this and more in his prey.Faucon drew in her sex-perfume, letting it coil inside his body. He tasted her strength. She would be a worthy mate! He exhaled and their essences of patchouli and rose combined to fill the room.

He saw her shiver and heard the breath catch in the back of her throat. A flush raced through her body and muscles tightened: acceptance of him.

Good! He never forced, but he coerced unmercifully. Rape might be the province of others, never his.

"Is there something I can do for you?" he asked gently, the low timbre of his voice seductively smooth and deep.

She let out a cry and spun around, almost losing her balance. She retreated a step.

His senses probed and he heard and felt the blood swirling in her veins, the fast heartbeat from fear and sex combined. Ah, her reaction, so deep, so potent! He drew in a breath. Her awakening to him was full of promise.

"I-I saw the necklace. How much is it?"

He emerged from the shadows and she retreated another step, her blue-green eyes wide with fright.

He halted. Women did not fear him; he made certain they did not. He smiled, a well-rehearsed smile to engage, to charm.

She regarded him, all of him, her gaze sweeping from his head to his heels and every place in between, lingering on his naked skin.

He inclined his head, a silent acknowledgement of her intimate, interested attention. Faucon liked to have his women interested.

"The necklace will be yours. The price is something I am sure you will be prepared to give." Faucon smiled. "Why are you afraid? You were the one sneaking into my shop. A thief, perhaps? Should I call the police?"

"I am not a thief."


"No!" She lifted her chin. "I don't want the necklace. Good night." She made a dash for the door.

"Ah, it will be a good night, you have my promise!" Faucon said, leaping to block her escape.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

The Reviews:
MASTER OF THE NIGHT was great fun, sexy and seductive. Astrid Cooper has quite a way about her writing style. I was hooked from the very first sentence and was drooling by the time I was done. Ms. Cooper is definitely an author I will look forward to reading more from soon. Faucon and Fleur were hot! This was by far one of the best written sexual stories I've read in a long time. I can't wait to read another soon!

Amanda H. @ Romance Junkies


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