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Workshops Presented
by Astrid Cooper

(N.B. these are not on-line workshops!)

Astrid runs writing workshops and seminars throughout each year - both privately and for writing groups and organisations.

Other workshops Astrid has presented:

1. Stress and the Writer. An in-depth look at what stress is, its psychological and physiological effects; how it affects a writer; strategies to overcome stress.

2. Writing the query letter and synopsis. How to compose a query letter that will hook an editor or agent. How to write back-cover blurb. What is a synopsis? Examples of successful synopses.

3. World-building using the Five Senses. An audio-visual presentation that explores ways in which a writer can bring scenes and characters alive by using the 5 senses.

4. Creating Memorable Scenes and Characters. Various ways in which a writer can create memorable characters and scenes.

5. Writing erotica. Writing romantic erotica. What is erotica? Is it pornography? What is romantic erotica? The language of erotica. Markets for erotica.

6. Beginning a story. Where to begin? Creating characters; the theme of story; action and narrative beginnings; how to choose the best viewpoint character. What is a plot? Maximising your plots and scenes ("in-gathering'). Aim to be brilliant, not mediocre. Making your prose come alive.

7. Character motivation and conflict. Who is in control of the story - the writer or the character (sometimes a humorous 'take' on how writers DO lose out to their creations! - But is it a bad thing?)

8. Manuscript presentation. How to present a professional submission.

9. The Business of Writing. Includes the perils and pitfalls facing the new writer. Book doctors, agents and vanity presses - what are they and what can they do for you?

10. New technologies: new markets for the 21st century.

11. Writing Wild: forget the "rules" (there are no rules!) See how you can bring your creativity alive, and make your writing sparkle with that "X" factor by daring to be different!

12. Dark urban Fantasy and other things that go bump in the night: the title says it all. What is DUF, how to write it and how to get it published.

Extensive handouts supplied with most seminars.

If you are interested in Astrid presenting any of these (or other topics), she can design something specifically for your group.

Astrid has given presentations at conferences for: Romance Writers of Australia, Romance Writers of America (Aust. Chapter), South Australian Writers' Centre, Eyre Writers' Group, Salisbury Writers' Festival, Barossa Writers' Festival, and has spoken to various community groups, e.g. Lions Club, University of The Third Age.

Contact Astrid if you would like her to talk to your organisation or school. A fee can be negotiated, based on professional charges (ASA standards).


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