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Works in Progress

A romantic fantasy series set on the world of Arion.
Featuring stand-alone books:
The Sword and the Chalice;
Jewel of Arius;
The Lady Lord.

Spec-Rom/dark fantasy:
DNF (working title)
Woman of Shadow

Crystal Dreams (being re-written for a new release - looking for a publisher!)
Starfire and Ice (sequel to Starlight).

A Writer's Tool Box-a writer's manual and survival kit, drawn upon Astrid's unique experiences and writing journey over the last 20 years.

Pebbles in the Pond-a practical guide drawn from real-life experiences about overcoming challenges to live without fear.

Making a Difference-how every person can make a difference to their life, their world. Astrid has done it, you can, too!

Two legs and four-all about Astrid's animal shelter and her psychic encounters with cats. Humorous, poignant and thought-provoking-animals are people too!

Under publisher's consideration:
An anthology of non fiction by various authors about their real-life encounters with angels (whether people or animals who are angels or possess angelic qualities). Publisher and release date: tba.


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