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Realms Beyond

Astrid's bi-monthly newsletter containing news, short writing articles, competitions, and reader questions answered ...

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News, professional and personal.

March 2009
    Starlight-the special edition will be going to print in the next few months and will be available from fictionwise, amazon and selected bookshops (in Australia and overseas). I took the opportunity to expand the worlds, characters and layer the plot even more - and there are new scenes added, and due to reader demand-a glossary of felinus/shifter words as well as a list of the music which inspired my writing. For more information and to read excerpts, please go to my books page and follow the link.

    I have sold a short Spec-Rom story to an Australian anthology - Masques.

    Readers have asked for more pictures of my menagerie, so please go to the gallery page.

    During the writing of the Starlight series, two of my cats died: Henry and Sammi. Pictures of them are up on the gallery page.

    Due to reader demand for "more about Hari", in 2009 a full-length novel about him will be published. It will be a sequel to the Starlight series.

    I am also working on a romantic dark fantasy series which is currently being considered by a publisher and I have other works "in the pipeline". so many stories, so little time!

    I will be attending Natcon (Australia's national s.f. convention) to be held in Adelaide over the long weekend in June, 2009.

    Convergence http://conjecture2009.org

    Next year I will be attending Worldcon in Melbourne, Australia - so if anyone reading this is going, please stop me in the crowd and say "HI!" I could also arrange an in-room gather, if interested?

    Aussiecon4 www.aussiecon4.org.au

    Thanks so much for your continuing support of my work, it is much appreciated!


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