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STARDATES: infinite celebrations.
Anthology of speculative fiction-romance.
Astrid Cooper's 'EMPIRE DAY' contained in this collection was THIRD PLACE WINNER FOR BEST S.F. ROMANCE OF 1998.

The book can be obtained direct from Astrid, for $5 per book, plus postage. She will send you a 'teaser' before you buy!

The book received 'rave' reviews.
          "Sensual sf romance as its best" -- this is what readers have to say about 'Empire Day'.

Years before, Suleah's fiance was "lost in action" during the last interstellar battle, now, while working on a survey on a distant planet, Suleah is re-united with Gilland -- but he is not the man she remembers. His love is both familiar and strange...is he truly her fiance returned, or an imposter? How can Suleah trust this man? -- IF he is a man!



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