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For Eternity
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Betrayed because of their forbidden love, Prince Kha'em and Lady Nedjemet died traitors' deaths that denied them an afterlife.

For eternity, they have sought one another, yearning to rekindle the desire that neither time nor distance has vanquished.

In the present day, Sara and Michael invoke the magic of their passions, but their ancient enemies are also gathering around them - will history repeat itself, or can the lovers resurrect their future, by returning to the past to find a love that will last for eternity?

The Excerpt:

Kha'em sat down on the rug, reclining in a fluid movement. Propped up on an elbow he rested against a pile of cushions. He watched her with dark, hooded eyes, and a sultry smile. Seductive. In command. He was all this and more.

She knelt beside him.

"My duties, Nedjemet, are for you. Only for you, this day." He touched her knee, his fingers stroking upwards. She batted his hand away.

"Now I have a surprise for you, Kha'em. You must promise not to move."

"If you insist."

She arranged the fruits carefully over his body, paying particular attention to the junction of his thighs. She bent forward and using her mouth, plucked a grape from his navel, swirling her tongue over his flesh, lapping at the sticky residue.

Slowly, deliberately she ate the fruits she picked from his body. All the while Kha'em lay tense, warily watching her progress.

His prick jutted upwards from a nest of dates. She stroked him. "But what is this? It is neither a melon, nor a pomegranate, nor a date. A banana, perhaps?"

"What is banana?"

She laughed. "I don't think I can peel this banana, Kha'em! But it is ripe for the picking. How shall I eat it?"

"Gods!" he moaned. His body convulsed in anticipation; his penis grew harder, larger as she bent to take him into her mouth.

She lifted her lips a fraction from his flesh. "So sweet, this is by far the nicest fruit in your garden, Kha'em!" She blew along the length of his rigidity, and traced her tongue over its contours.

"Please, Nedjemet!" he cried hoarsely. "I can't endure your torture."

"Be brave, Kha'em." She laughed. "And these two pomegranates, should I pluck them, too?" she asked, rolling his sacs between her fingers.

"Yes. Gods, yes!" He pushed his groin upwards as she lowered her mouth.

Sara-Nedjemet loved him again and again, while Kha'em shivered and thrashed from side to side upon the rug, upsetting the plates in his frenzy.

"Aaaaah," he moaned his release.

The Reviews:
Coffee Time Romance:
Rating: 4 cups (excellent)
The book is a keeper This is a very outstanding book you would like to keep to read again in the future. Ms. Astrid Cooper has written a grand love story full of sensuous characters, an evil, jealous magician, and hot sex at every turn. The thought that love can conquer time is a beautiful premise; an Egyptian past, a perfect backdrop. Nedjemet's use of her sexual skills to awaken Kha'em's memories of her is a ploy used by women throughout time. Kha'em's response to her antics, typical of all men. Their ravenous hunger for each other is heightened by the constant danger. Ms Cooper's prose elevates making love to a poetic high. Every woman ultimately yearns for such a love. (Reviewed by : Kathy).

Just Erotic Romance Reviews:
Rating: 3 Stars
Heat level: H
A true love story! Ms. Cooper did an excellent job with her descriptive details of the Egyptian era and the plot adds an amazingly dark flavor to this tale. Is fast-paced with one twist after another and enough passion to sizzle a reader. (Reviewer: Stacey Adams).


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