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I offer a confidential and comprehensive value-for-money writing and editing service.

I can also help you with all your publicity and promotions:
I can design flyers, brohcures, postcards, bookmarks, press kits and media releases.

I can also help you design and publish newsletters, booklets and magazines.

  • Over 20 years as a professional writer.
  • Over 20 years experience as an editor and publisher of hundreds of newsletters, magazines and fanzines.
  • Over 15 years experience presenting writing workshops.
  • Over 10 years experience assessing and editing manuscripts.
  • Over 10 years experience working with industry professionals as an editor, or first reader (print publishers and digital).
  • Studied Editing module at TAFE/College and passed with a credit.
  • Freelance editor for over 4 years with one of Australia's top manuscript assessment agencies.
Manuscript assessment:
Confidential reading, assessment and editing of your manuscript - whether a partial or full - fiction or non-fiction. Cost: $25-00 to $30 per hour (see below for what is included in the assessment, etc.)

Writing coach:
For new and experienced writers who need "one on one" help with any aspect of their writing. Cost: $35-00 - $50-00 per hour.
Currently, I am mentoring 2 writers with disabilities.

Workshops, seminars:
A workshop or presentation can be tailored to your needs. See workshops presented link
Cost: negotiable, depending on numbers attending.

As a community service, I sometimes will present for "free", but with a request for "petrol money".

Manuscript Assessments:
In most instances the client needs to supply:
  • A hard copy of the work to be assessed OR
  • A digital copy of the work (on disc).
  • 50% deposit of the full negotiated fee for the work to be undertaken (method of payment: either paypal, cheque or money order).
I prefer to work on a hard copy of the manuscript. So that the client can easily identify "issues", I will mark the manuscript using pencil and coloured highlighters: the notes on the manuscript should be read in conjunction with the hard copy of the assessment report supplied to the client.

The manuscript and disc will be returned to the client upon completion of the assessment.

The report is provided in hard copy only.

I do not accept emailed submissions, unless in PDF or RTF; discuss this with me first before sending.

If you do not wish to send a hard copy of your work, then supply a disc and I will print from the digital copy. I charge an additional $45 to print out the manuscript (this also covers the cost of express posting a hard copy of the manuscript to you - Australian residents only). Overseas writers, please contact me to discuss postage and other details.


Q. I don't want to pay for a full assessment, will you take a partial?

Yes. It is not always necessary for a writer (especially a new writer) to supply an entire manuscript for assessment. Generally the first 3 chapters of any work will reveal "issues" that need attention (such as layout, plot, characterisation, etc.) I will give you value for money, but I'm not cheap. In this industry, you truly do get what you pay for.

With every assessment or edit, I supply a comprehensive report (usually over 10 pages) identifying strengths and weaknesses in the manuscript, together with writing tutorials/explanations on how to improve the manuscript.

Q. I've used an editor before and I wasn't happy with the work. What makes you different? Can I trust you?

In a career spanning 20 years, I have been ripped off by experts! I understand your reluctance to trust another so-called professional. Ask around: you won't see Astrid's name on any "writer beware!" list. Contact the South Australian Writers' Centre Telephone: 08 8223 7662. Astrid has been a member of this organisation for over 25 years.

I am thorough and competent. In fact, I no longer work for some publishers because they have told me I am "too thorough.there's no time any more for that level of editing and assessment."

I disagree, as do most professional writers.

Some clients come to me after having paid substantial sums (often thousands of dollars!) to have their work professionally edited, only to find that the editing work wasn't up to an acceptable standard. Before you engage the services of ANY editor, check them out. Affiliations with organisations, or "certificates" do not necessarily mean professional expertise. An editor must have knowledge of many things, such as history and geography, flora and fauna, etc., to ensure that a client's work doesn't contain mistakes. I've edited works where such mistakes have been missed by previous editors (e.g., a scullery maid wearing silk pantaloons! Or a 17th century judge wearing a tall pointed hat (ala Gandalf)! Or tigers patrolling the jungles of Peru).

Q. I do not live in Australia. Will you assess my work? How can I get my manuscript to you?

I will assess work from overseas writers. Contact me to discuss your needs. In such instances editing and assessment will be a combination of digital and hard copy. I prefer not to use "track changes".

Q. I need my manuscript edited fast. Can you do this?

Yes, if necessary. My usual turn around time is 4 weeks, but urgent jobs can be done in as little as 3 days, but with the same care and professional approach; it just means burning the midnight oil. An "urgent" reading fee is charged (approx. $100-00) in addition to the usual rate. This urgent rate is negotiable.

Q. My manuscript is original.unique. How do I know you won't steal my ideas?

I am a professional. I do not steal from another creator.

Q. Will you allow me to use any comments from your report - for example, in a query letter to a publisher?

No. My report can't be "edited"; it is for the sole use of a client.

Still uncertain? Send me a sample page and I will read and assess it for free. If you don't like my work, no harm done.

I can supply references and testimonials.

For example:

I have no hesitation in sending clients to Astrid Cooper or recommending her work to writers for editing and assessment.

Astrid has always been thorough and totally reliable and has helped a vast number of writers achieve their goals.

In one instance, a young man studying for his Doctorate in Literature at Adelaide University, said Astrid was the first person who had taught him 'how' to write rather than 'what' to write. He insisted that not one of his lecturers had assisted him to progress his writing skills as quickly or as efficiently.

Astrid has the ability to hold all the diverse writing concepts in her mind while assessing every aspect of each piece of writing and she reports back to the author in a concise and practical manner to assist them achieve better working results.

Over many years as a journalist, editor, media consultant and writer I have met many people who profess to be qualified to assess manuscripts and advise writers and I can say without doubt Astrid produces the most professional and comprehensive assessments for the best price.

Her experience in the industry is wide in all aspects of teaching, writing and publishing as a practicing writer, tutor, assessor and editor.

I have no hesitation in recommending Astrid Cooper and would be willing to help her advance her agency in any way.


Diane Beer
Market Media

"Writers need feedback, constructive criticism and encouragement if they are to persevere. I found all this and more when I enlisted the help of Astrid. She has a vast knowledge of current writing trends. She shares her creative skills by gently suggesting alterations that in her opinion would improve the work. She may not say what the writer wants to hear, but will tell them what they need to hear. Criticism, when necessary, is offered tactfully. Work when returned to the author has corrections carefully marked on the manuscript, together with a very detailed written assessment. The help I received for a reasonable fee is, in my view, very good value, considering the amount of time and effort that was involved."

--Audrey K, South Australia.


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